Short Stories

A collection of short stories that I have written 

Terror Trail

The Cabin

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. “Did you see that?” Agatha said as they rode down the lonely pitch black road with only the lights of their bike lighting the way, “What are you going on with now Aggie?”(what her friends called her) Connie said as she slammed on her brakes with Aggie nearly missing her and crashing into a rock. “Look what you’ve done!” Aggie said as she looked at her damaged bike. “Why did you stop so fast?” she asked. All Connie could do is point behind her, when Aggie looked there was a figure standing in the window as the candle glowed brighter and extinguished. Suddenly, it was complete darkness and they couldn’t see anything. “What are we going to do?” Connie asked. CRACK a loud sound came from behind them and the girls ran when the candle in the cabin was lit again, beckoning them to go towards it as it was drawing them towards it, “Ahhh, something got me!” Connie screamed. “Be quiet, you fool, it’s only me,” Aggie said as she pulled Connie to the ground. It was eerily quiet, not a sound, not even a breeze. “We have to get out of here, let’s go to the cabin.”

“Are you nuts, we don’t know what’s in there. What about that creepy figure we saw in the window, it’s not safe? Let’s just go home,” “How can we? Your bike is busted and we don’t know now what’s back there. I’m going to the cabin and you can stay here,” Connie said as she pulled away from Aggie’s grip and went on ahead. Not too far away from them, another couple was coming up the path, unaware of what was happening when they came up on the cabin. Screams could be heard and then it was quiet once again and that made Connie stop in her tracks with Aggie running into her and knocking them to the ground. “Sorry, I didn’t mean,” “Shhh! don’t say a word,” Connie whispered as she slowly crawled ahead, as the sounds of moaning and groaning could be heard from up ahead.

“No, please stay away, don’t come any closer! Ahhhhh!!!” came a voice from ahead and then went silent. “I don’t like this, I want to go home,” Connie said as she sobbed into her arm when Aggie came up next to her, “Don’t worry my friend, whatever happens, we will get out of here together. Now come on, we have to see what’s going on around here, that was a hermit’s old cabin and no one has been there for years for it was falling apart, so there is something on the go and we need to find out if we want to get out of here. So get your act together and come on. Slowly, the two girls crawled through the high grass, hoping that no one would spot them. AHHH! Connie screamed as something grabbed her by the ankle and began dragging her away as she kicked and screamed, unable to see her attacker as Aggie turned and grabbed for Connie’s arms seeing the fear in her eyes, desperately trying to get away. But to no avail, as Connie’s screams vanished into the darkness as she was pulled away. Aggie tried her best but wasn’t strong enough and now her friend was gone and she was alone, sitting in the darkness, shivering from the cold and fear. She then looked up and saw the cabin as it was mocking her with the one little candle flickering, laughing that her friend was taken, laughing cause she was cold and lonely, telling her to come and get warm.

Connie clawed at the ground as blood ran down her calf from the grip of the creature that had grabbed her and everything was going numb. Next thing she knew she was flying through the air, falling into some pit, landing on something soft on slimy. A putrid smell emitted from the put and Connie began vomiting when she realized she was crawling through human remains. Was this what happened to the previous couple that was walking by earlier? Every move made her ankle hurt and the smell alone wanted to make her pass out when her finger found an eye socket and she screamed as the eye popped. Then she heard laughter, evil laughter, taunting her as she scrambled through the guts, trying to reach the edge of the bank. As she clawed her way to the top of the bank, Gracie and Alan were laughing and pointing at her, they were the couple walking up the trail and then screaming as if being in trouble, luring poor Agatha and Connie into their prank. Covered in pig’s blood Connie looked at Alan, grabbed the first thing in reach, and swung as hard as she could sending pick-ax into the side of his head blowing his brains out the other side, covering Gracie who was frozen in shock. With a crazed look in her eyes, she grabbed Gracie by the back of her head, with a handful of hair slammed Gracie’s face into the ground, time after time after time turning her face to a pulp, unrecognizable. Amber was running up the trail when she stopped in her tracks. Connie was standing in front of the cabin with the one little candle flickering in the window, holding Gracie’s hair with Alan lying next to her, and standing behind was the shadowy figure she saw standing in the window beckoning her forward. Aggie turned to run but was slowly being dragged towards the stranger. She screamed, but to no avail, she clawed at the ground till her fingers bled when a hand grabbed her by the shoulder, “Honey, time to get up.”

I would like to give you part of first chapter from my next book in the AshFyr series that I am writing. I will be continuing it once I finish editing the next edition. I hope you enjoy it and you can get the series on Amazon Kindle.


Return of the Ash Dragon

Birds were singing and the meadows were sparkling with the morning dew as the sun crested from behind the Spire mountains. Crimson moon valley had been peaceful for the last five years since Garen and Jade first came to the valley. They have settled in at Casle Luna and the land around them have flourished with the new trade routes around the valley as all the races have gotten along peacefully, when a lone figure appeared in the distance and a loud, terrifying roar could be heard. 

Garen, along with Shaena, Ember, Kari, and his mother were all sitting on the balcony having breakfast when a knock came on their door. Kathena got up to answer it, but before she reached the door it came flying opened and a young servant came barging in, “What is the meaning of all this?” she said. “I am terribly sorry my lady, there is a visitor at the door that demands to be seen immediately,” the young housekeeper said and before Kathena could answer she hurried out the door. “What was that all about mother?” Kari asked. “I do not know, but I think we have a visitor that demands to see us right away,” she said as she sat in her chair. “I will go see what is so important and then I will return,” Garen said. “Now, finish your breakfast and I will return shortly,” he finished as he turned and went through the door. 

A tall figure, draped in a hood and cloak was standing in the foyer when Garen came down the stairs, and as he rounded the corner the figure lowered his hood. “Cyrlan my old friend, how have you been?” he said extending his hand to his old friend. As he approached, he could see a great sadness in his eyes, and he looked tired and beaten, when he fell to his knees. “Go, get a healer, now!” he shouted at the guard standing at the door when he rushed to Cyrlan’s side. Cyrlan looked at Garen and tried to say something, but nothing came as he closed his eyes once more when the healer arrived. “Can he be saved?” he asked the healer. “He is dehydrated and very tired. I do not know what happened, but he has been through a great ordeal and requires a lot of rest,” she said as a couple of servants helped take him to the infirmary. Garen immediately called out for one of the runners and told him to send word to Queen Arinna and Varanel, but first stop in the dwarf city and speak to Krogric. He told him to let them know that he would be coming to visit them as soon as Cyrlan was awake and could speak. Just as the runner left, lady Kathena came to the foyer and when she found out what was happening, she rushed to see if she could help the elf that came from so far. 

Over the next few days, they kept close watch on Cylan, with no news from the North, they had no idea what was happening when Cylan opened his eyes and gasped. “Quickly, bring him a glass of water,” Kathena said, as she embraced him in a hug. “We thought we lost you,” she said as Garen and Shaena came into the room. They went over to his bedside when Garen looked at him, “You sure you’re not part cat,” he said with a chuckle. “You escaped death once again my friend, I am glad that you are back with us. Can you tell us what happened?” he asked. Cyrlan looked at the other as he tried to sit up. “It was a dragon,” he managed to say as the others looked at each other. “A dragon! Are you sure?” Kathena asked. “Yes. I was on my way to tell you about what was going on in the north, when,” stopping he wiped the tears from his eyes, “he attacked me from behind, knocking my Pegasus from the sky, then he killed him. I got tangled in the branches of the trees and he could not find me, so I stayed there for a long time till I knew he was gone and then I found my way here.” was all he could say before burying his face in Kathena’s  shoulder. Everyone just looked at each other, having a tough time believing what they had just heard when Garen looked at his mother. “You don’t think that it is the same dragon that killed my father, do you?” She just looked at him and then she lifted Cyrlan’s head, “What did this dragon look like?” she asked when he looked at her with bloodshot eyes, “It was one of the biggest creatures that I had ever seen. It had spikes from the top of his head, down to his tail and eyes as red as hell itself,” he described to them, and Kathen knew that the Ash dragon had returned to the valley. 


Doomed Destiny

A Titanic love



As Danny sipped on his morning tea he looked out across the fields towards Southampton and as the fog cleared with the morning sun, he could see the four stacks of the Titanic towering above the buildings as she got ready for her maiden voyage to New York. His full name was Donald Finnigan, but everyone that knew him just called him Danny. Yesterday, he went down to the White Star Line to see about getting a job and they said they would let him know if anything came up. That evening he got a telegram saying that he had to report to the Titanic in the morning and let them know he was replacing Richard Parsons, who was in a fatal accident. That was the evening of April ninth and the Titanic was set to leave at noon the next day. So, here he was now, making his way to the docks of Southampton to start his new career.

Danny walked up to the ramp where an employee of White Star Line was checking in the staff and Danny walked up to him,

“Donald Finnigan sir, reporting for duty,” he said with a smile on his face,

“Hold on there now, I don’t see any Donald Finnigan here on the manifest,” the employee said,

“I’m sorry,” Danny said, “I’m here to replace Richard Parsons, he had a fatal accident, and I was called to replace him. Here is the telegram they sent me last night,” he said while handing the piece of paper to the employee.

“Very well, I see everything is in order. Please report to the second-class saloon for your assignment. Carry on now,” he said, and Danny grabbed his belongings and made his way up the ramp. As he was making his way to second class, he came across a young woman who was having a bit of trouble with her luggage.

“Excuse me madame, could I offer you a hand with your luggage?” he asked with a smile,

“Oh, yes please, I shouldn’t have taken so much with me,” she said.

“No problem whatsoever, my name is Donald Finnigan, but everyone calls me Danny,” he replied.

“It is very nice to meet you, Mr. Finnigan, I am Amelia Brown,”

“Please, call me Danny. My father is Mr. Finnigan, and I will call you Amelia or Miss Brown if you prefer,”

“Amelia is fine,” she said with a smile. “So, I assume you are employed here?” she asked,

“Yes, I will be working in the second-class saloon, I’m a last-minute replacement,” he replied. “I’m on my way to the saloon now to find my arrangements,”

“I’m also on my way there, I’m a second class servant and I must report there as well,” she said as Danny helped her with her luggage as they carried on their way, making small talk as they walked.

When they arrived, there were ten or fifteen other employees standing around and chatting when one of the senior officers came into the saloon. He then promptly started giving out the job duties to the other servants that were there when he came up to Danny.

“Richard Parsons, I presume?” he asked,

“No sorry,” replied Danny, “I’m Donald Finnigan. I’m a last-minute replacement for Mr. Parson, who was in a fatal accident. Here is the telegram I got from White Star Line,” he said as he handed the paper to the senior officer. “Everyone calls me Danny, by the way.” The senior officer looked over the paperwork and then assigned Danny his cabin and told him to report to the second-class saloon once he got settled.


After he got settled into his cabin, he made his way up to the saloon where he ran into Amelia, who was also on her way to the saloon.

“Fancy meeting you here, I guess we will be working together,” she said with a smile and Danny just turned red and turned away.

“Are you serving the drinks or working behind the bar?” she asked.

“I guess I’m helping the bartender, like an assistant making drinks, so we will probably see each other often,” he replied with a smile as they continued their conversation as they walked to the saloon.


The Titanic left Southampton shortly past noon and made her way towards Ireland, where they had a port of call in Queenstown for passengers and supplies. As the passengers got settled away, the saloon slowly started to get busy as they came looking for their lunch and drinks. Danny and Amelia had little time to see each other during their shift, only for a moment till lunch break came and they met up in the galley. Finding a small table in the corner, they sat and ate their meal while enjoying each other’s company, till the time came and they went back to work once again. The day went by quickly with the excitement of the day coming to an end and the passengers settling in and relaxing, Danny finally had a chance to rest and looked around for Amelia, who had just finished and looked exhausted,

“Wow, what a busy day, I thought it would never end,” she said with a smile, but Danny knew she was tired and should rest.

“I think it was a long day for all of us, and it starts all over again tomorrow. We should just retire for the night and I will meet you for breakfast,” he said as he held her hand. Amelia just look at him and then embraced him and kissed him on the cheek.

“We will spend some time together tomorrow,” she said as she turned and went to her cabin, leaving Danny standing there dumbfounded. He then came to his senses and went towards his cabin, wondering what had just happened when a smile came to his face when he realized he had a date in the morning.


Danny was sitting in the galley drinking his tea when Amelia came in and sat down with him. They sat and talked for a while and when they finished breakfast, they went to explore the ship before they had to report for duty. They made their way through various passageways before they came to the deck and rested against the rails. Danny smiled as he looked at Amelia as the wind blew her hair, her cheeks had turned rosy with the cool morning air,

“What is it? Is there something on my face?” she asked as she rubbed her cheeks,

“No, there is nothing on your face but a beautiful smile and your enchanting blue eyes,” he said as he held out his hand and then embraced her in a warm hug. They just stood there holding each other, looking out across the Atlantic as the Titanic glided across the water.

“Oh my, look at the time!” Amelia said. “We must get going, we have to get ready for work,” she continued and left for her cabin, but not before kissing Danny’s cheek and telling him she will see him after their shift ended.

The day was busy, and it wasn’t long before they were sitting in the galley once again having their lunch and chatting before they had to go back to their shift once again. Slowly the afternoon passed by as most of the passengers were out on the deck enjoying the nice weather. Danny was just finishing his shift when Amelia came up to him and invited him to a party the staff was having below deck.

As they made their way down to the section where everyone had gathered, music and laughter could be heard as everyone danced and sang as they drank to their heart’s content. The young couple danced and drank the night away when they finally found a quiet corner where they could talk.

Danny held Amelia in his arms as they sat and listened to the soft melody the band was playing,

“I think that I have fallen for you,” he said as he kissed her cheek and she turned and looked into his eyes,

“And I for you,” she whispered as she kissed him on the lips as he held her in his arms and swayed to the music. As the night was ending, he took her by the hand and led her to the bow of the boat, “Close your eyes, I want to show you something,” he said as he led her outside and stood behind her, “Now open them.” As she opened her eyes, the rays of the sun were beaming from the horizon as the sun crested the edge and appeared to be coming out of the water.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said as he held her in his arms,

“It is, but we must be going, our shift starts in a few hours and we need sleep,” Danny said.

“Will you come with me to my cabin?” she asked. “I don’t want to be alone,” Danny said he would and took her by the hand and then they retired to her cabin, where they made love before falling to sleep in each other’s arms.

They woke up a couple of hours later, still tired, but they had to report for their shift, which dragged on ever so slowly. Break time arrived, and they met up in the galley, where the young couple chatted and had their lunch before having to go back on duty. As they departed, she gave him a quick kiss and was off. He turned with a smile on his face as he went back to the saloon to continue his shift.

The day passed quickly as the passengers were all in a good mood cause they would arrive in New York the next day. This was their last shift till the Titanic returned to Southampton in a couple of days, and Danny was glad to see it end. He met Amelia in the galley, where they grabbed a quick snack and then returned to her room. Both were still tired and as he held her in his arms they drifted off to sleep only to be wakened by a loud bang and a terrible noise.

“What was that?” Amelia asked Danny, who was now out of bed and looking into the passageway, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Quickly get dressed, we got to see what has happened,” he said as he pulled on his trousers, and then they were out in the passageway with the other employees trying to get to the deck as quickly as possible. As they reached the deck, Danny asked one of the other workers what happened and he said they thought they hit something, but they were not sure. He then turned and looked at Amelia and could see the fear in her eyes,

“We will always be together, I’m not leaving your side,” he told her as he kissed her and held her in his arms as the passengers now appeared on the decks rushing by them,

“We should make sure the passengers are warned and help where we can,” Amelia said, and Danny took her by the hand and they headed for the cabin areas. There was a weird sense of calmness as they went through the saloon and passengers were just sitting around chatting, not taking in the situation's seriousness.

“Why are they just sitting there?” Amelia asked as they made their way to the cabins.

"I don’t know, my sweet, but we have to warn as many people as possible,” he replied, looking back at her and smiling. As they walked by the cabins, they began knocking on the doors and making sure the passengers knew of the situation when there was another loud bang and the ship began to take on more water as the bow sank under the water. “Let’s go, we got to move to the back of the ship,” he called out as he grabbed Amelia’s hand, making sure she was always by his side. They made it back to their saloon, which was now empty, as everyone rushed for the lifeboats.

“Why didn’t you go to the lifeboat?” Danny asked as he tried to catch his breath,

“I didn’t want to leave you, this has been the happiest that I have ever been and if it ends here tonight with you, I will die a very happy woman in love,” she replied as tears streamed down her cheeks. Danny then embraced her and kissed her when they began to slide through the saloon as the bow of the boat was being dragged under. Then the ship cracked in half and the young lovers were never to be seen again as the mighty Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.


The Seed

         A stranger walking through a small park somewhere at some time just finished eating a pear and tosses the core into a small vacant lot covered in leaves and carries on his way not thinking of the core he just tossed. Days go by and soon the seasons change from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and spring back to summer as we stroll through the small park once again enjoying the warm summer breeze. A little girl chases her ball down the path as a mother rests on the park bench to care for her child not knowing about the miracle happening behind her. It was the miracle of life.

        Not far from where the young mother sat was where the pear core land among the fallen leaves and as the leaves decayed along with the core a small seed fell between the cracks of the broken walkway and miraculously took root and a small sapling was pushing its way through the broken walkway. As the days passed and then the months the sapling began to grow bigger and bigger but there were less people coming around now to see this miracle of nature and soon there would be none.

        As the city grew the tiny park became smaller and smaller and buildings were beginning to rise where trees once stood and this small pear tree and a couple of flower were all that was left of the once green park. Then the little trees day had come when they were going to cut it down. As the man raised his axe a little girl came running up,

        “Please mister, you can not cut this tree down,” she said as she pointed to the small fruit starting to grow on its limb.

        “Can we just dig it up and plant it somewhere else?” she asked and the worker then went to his truck and grabbed a shovel, carefully he dug around the trees roots and removed it from the ground just as the little girl showed up with a little red wagon in tow along with her mother. They placed the pear tree in the wagon and then the mother and little girl went off with it.

        A short while later they ended up at a small house in a rural area and brought the tree to the back yard when the little girl ran inside and brought her father out to show him the pear tree and he said that he knew the perfect spot for the little tree. He went inside and put on his coat and boots and then loaded the tree into the back of his pick-up, then he picked up his daughter and put her in the back seat as momma jumped into the front with papa. They left their neighbourhood and left the city driving northwest towards the valley and the farm lands where the little girls grandparents lived on a small hobby farm. As they turned into the drive way the little girl could see her grandma waving to her from the porch and grandpa was over by the barn,

        “My, oh my, what brings you out this way today?” grandma asked as she scooped her granddaughter into her arms,

        “Grandma, grandma we brought you a tree that mom and I saved from being chopped down at the old park and dad said that this would be the best place for it to grow. It’s a pear tree grandma, a pear tree in our old park.” she replied excitedly. “Maybe we can plant it next to your apple and orange trees grandma,” the little girl mentioned.

        “That’s a wonderful idea,” she said. “Honey, can you bring the shovels out from the barn?” she called out and her husband met them over by the small orchard while dad brought the pear tree over. It didn’t take them very long and the little pear tree had a new home as the small family gathered around the small pear tree. The little seed wasn’t even suppose to become a tree but with the luck of a stranger and a crack in the ground it prevailed and came to a better place, just like life. It doesn’t matter where you are born to, or how you are raised. It’s what comes from within that makes you a better person.

Pickers Point Accident

Ice and snow

Snow has been falling all day with the temperature dropping a degree every couple of hours making everything dangerously slippery while the plows and sanders have been out all day barely able to stay ahead of the falling snow. Danny had just gotten off a long shift at the factory and was looking forward to a warm meal and a warm bed when his phone rang and an unknown number appeared on the screen,

“Hello, hello, who is this?” he asked as he put the phone to his ear and a low voice started speaking,

“Is this Danny, Danny Anderson?” she asked,

“Yes, it is. Who am I speaking with?” he replied,

“My name is Desiree and I’m a friend of your sister Amber, Desiree Thompson,” she answered. “She left here this morning and was on her way to see you and we haven’t heard from her, so I was wondering if you were talking to her today?” she asked,

“No I haven’t been talking to her and you said she left this morning. Why in heavens name would you let her leave in this weather?” Danny asked with a bit of anger in his voice,

“We tried to stop her, told her it was crazy but she wouldn’t listen and said that she had to see you now and wouldn’t tell us why. Then she jumped in her truck and left,” Desiree explained,

“Well thank you for calling and letting me know and I’m sorry that I raised my voice at you. I know how stubborn she can be, she gets it from me. I’ll let the local authorities know about it and when I find anything else out I will let you know,” Danny answered and then he ended the call, jumped in his truck, and went to the local police station.

When he arrived there were people everywhere wondering what was happening and why they couldn’t leave town, the roads haven’t been touched in a couple of hours and there is that much snow down that they are getting impossible to drive on. The officer looked around and put his arms up above his and started waving them,

“ Hello, hello, can I get your attention please,” he screamed at the crowd and everyone went quiet as he began to speak,

“I know that you all are under a lot of stress, so am I and I will tell you all that I know. Earlier today there was an accident up on Pickers Point involving multiple vehicles closing down the highway and now there is no way anyone can get through. The plows are stuck behind the accident and the secondary road is impassable during the wintertime,” he explained as the crowd talked among themselves when Danny spoke up,

“What about Pickers Pond? It runs right up along the highway and there must be at least a foot of ice on it. I’ll drive my truck up there and see if I can lend a hand,” he said and then looked over at Tommy,

“Tom, go grab your wrecker, you should be able to get up to the accident in that and try to help them out and I’ll come around the other end on the pond,” Danny said as he jumped into his truck and headed for the pond.

Meanwhile Amber was trying to keep warm as she looked at her wrecked truck sitting down on the pond along with a couple more cars. She was lucky she was alive when earlier a semi lost control coming around the turn and t-boned Amber’s truck sending her over the embankment and landing on the frozen pond. There were five vehicles and a semi involved and luckily no one was seriously injured but the truck completely blocked off the road stopping all traffic. Rescue vehicles were dispatched but they were coming from the other side of the mountain and with the snow had to deal with other incidents on the way, so no one knew what time they would get there. Amber then crawled back down the embankment and went back to her destroyed truck, thankful that the ice was still holding on the pond. It was called a pond but it was more like a lake winding its way down through the valley for miles and when she looked she couldn’t believe her eyes.

After Danny left the police station he headed out the highway ahead of Tommy and then turned off at the boat launch heading to Pickers Pond. He slowly edged his truck slowly towards the end of the boat launch and slowly drove his truck onto the ice praying that it would hold and started to pick up speed. Some of the other residents jumped on their sleds and were coming up the frozen pond behind Danny. When they came up to a turn in the pond Danny slightly turned his front wheel and he began drifting sideways and that’s when he saw the vehicles on the pond on someone standing among them. Danny then radioed Tommy and told him the situation as he slowed his truck and came to a stop in front of his sister. Jumping out he ran to her and gave her the biggest hug thankful that she was alive and safe, then helped her over to his warm truck where she told him what had happened.

As Tommy tried to free up the accident and get the hi-way opened up once again while Danny and Amber went to see the other motorist to see if they needed any help. After the authorities arrived Danny took Amber back to his home but not before they went for another drive on Pitchers Pond to thank it for saving his sister's life.

Mysterious Circumstances

Sebastian's Adventure


Sebastian stepped out through the companies front doors and onto the sidewalk just as the sun was setting over the mountains to the west as it gave off a prism of amazing colors. Mesmerized by the beauty Sebastian just stared at the hue of colors till they faded into darkness when out of the corner of his eyes he had seen a flash of green light shoot from the mountains into the clear night sky. Intrigued by what he had just seen he ran to his car in the parking lot and sped off towards the distant mountains as fast as his little car could go.

After driving for about an hour the dark eerie mountains came into sight and was made even creepier was the faint green glow that was being emitted over the peak. Sebastian wasn't familiar with the area and was more of a nerdish couch potato sitting in front of his computer or television playing fantasy or sci-fi games instead of getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Because of this, he didn't have any friends, even though he had been working for the same company for the past two years. All he would do was go straight to his small apartment after work and wouldn't come out until he had to go to work the next day, he didn't even know the names of his coworkers so if anything had to happen while he was investigating the eerie green light he was all alone.

 It's been a couple of hours since he had seen the light as he got closer to the peak of the mountain and Sebastian was getting tired and hungry but he carried on anyway. As he reached the top and peered into the valley below all he could see was this green light emanating from the center of the valley and because the light was so bright Sebastian couldn't see the source of it. He took his phone from his pocket and began taking pictures when he slipped and began sliding down the side of the mountain into the valley and getting closer and closer to the green light. This is the end, he thought to himself as he began to tumble down the mountain when all of a sudden he stopped and was just floating, descending slowly towards the object the green light was emanating from. For some strange reason, Sebastian wasn't scared but calm and relaxed as he was pulled into the green light and lowered into the waiting object below when he lost consciousness.

Sebastian slowly opened his eyes and looked around realizing that he was back in his apartment as the flashing green traffic lit up his room. Looking at the clock it was only three-thirty in the morning and he jumped from his bed and went to his window looking towards the mountains thinking, was it only a dream or am I going nuts, he said to himself as he watched the flashing green traffic light. That’s when he thought of his phone and reached to grab it, but it wasn’t in its usual place and he searched his apartment but could not find it anywhere. He ran down to his car and it was missing. He looked all around but couldn’t find it when he looked towards the mountains once again and come to the realization that it wasn’t a dream. Sebastian ran back to his room and got dressed and then ran to the corner to find a payphone and called a cab.

When the cab finally showed up and Sebastian told him where he wanted to go the taxi driver gave him a weird look and then just shrugged his shoulders and took off in the direction of the mountains. When they arrived and Sebastian told him where to go they came upon his car and something didn’t look right and after he paid for the cab and got out the taxi sped away as fast as he could. Sebastian went over to his car, there was a thick layer of dirt over it and sand had begun to gather around the tires. He brushed the dirt away from the driver side door and looked into the vehicle and noticed a little green light glowing faintly on the floor and he tried to open the door and as it opened a skeleton fell from the car as Sebastian jumped back in shock when he realized it was him and he slowly faded away.

What was the green light? Where did it come from? Nobody knows and when Sebastian left work that day two years ago, that was the last time anyone had seen him.

The Apple Tree

Grandpa’s new bull


It was a warm sunny day as Amber ran up to her parents all excited for the day they had planned to visit her grandparent's farm down by the coast. As they were driving along her mother told her that her parents had just recently got some new cattle and there was a big old bull amongst them and she had to watch where she was going when she was around the animals. Amber's cousin Jenny was meeting them at the farm so the girls wouldn't be bored while their parents were busy branding the cattle. As the truck turned off the main road onto a long dusty driveway Amber noticed the big bull out in the pasture running around and further down the driveway she noticed Jenny sitting on the fence.

"Let me out here please," she said to her father as he began to slow the truck.

"Now, make sure you girls are careful and stay away from the bull," her mother said as Amber jumped from the truck and went up to greet her cousin, and then her parents carried on towards the farm as Jenny jumped down from the fence on the opposite side.

"What are you doing?" Amber asked. "We are supposed to stay out of the pasture with the bull in it, it's dangerous," she continued.

"Don't be such a worry-wart," Jenny replied. "He's on the other side of the pasture, we are safe here," she said as she started to walk towards the big apple tree not far away. "The apples are ripe and I want to pick some to take home with me and maybe some so grandma can make one of her apple pies," she said and then Amber climbed over the fence and started to follow her cousin towards the apple tree. As they reached the apple tree Amber looked over to where the bull was and couldn't see him and mentioned it to Jenny, but she didn't seem too concerned as she began to climb the tree. Jenny was trying to reach a big red apple on one of the higher branches and as she reached for it she noticed out of the corner of her eye that the bull had noticed them and was charging for the tree.

"Amber start climbing now, the bull is coming," she screamed out. Amber turned and seen the raging bull running straight towards her as she tried to climb, but couldn't get a grip and kept sliding down. The bull was almost on top of her and when he went by Amber dove to the other side of the tree trying to stay out of sight but the bull turned around and came at her again narrowly hitting her once again. Jenny watched helplessly from the branches above as the bull chased Amber around the tree and she was starting to get tired. Jenny started calling out to her grandparents and Amber's mother and father, but they were too far away to hear them so Jenny had to figure out a way to distract the bull from her cousin.

She looked back towards the fence and it was about three hundred feet away and Amber could make it if she ran as fast as she could, but she was tired and Jenny didn't know if she could make it. Frantically she kept looking around but couldn't see anything as the raging bull kept chasing Amber around the apple tree and that's when she had seen the dust trail coming down the driveway. Jenny started waving her arms hoping that whoever was coming this way would see them and she started to throw apples towards the fence hoping one would make the driveway. As the vehicle got closer Jenny noticed that Amber was getting very tired as her hair became wet and tangly with sweat and the bull was getting madder and madder.

That's when Jenny heard the brakes of the vehicle and tires skidding and when she looked up it was her grandfather and uncle jumping from the truck and rushing towards the fence screaming at the bull. Then the raging bull then turned and charged towards the men and Jenny jumped down to help her cousin and when she got to her she collapsed in her arms cause she was so tired.

"Come on Amber, you gotta work with me here," she said to her cousin as she carried her towards the tree looking over her shoulder to make sure the bull was still heading for the fence. Once they reached the tree Jenny helped her tired cousin get up to the closest branch when her uncle called out to her and when she looked the raging bull was headed her way again. Jenny climbed as fast as she could and just grabbed the branch below Amber when the whole tree shook and apples were falling everywhere as the bull hit the trunk of the tree over and over.

Grandpa jumped back in his truck and raced back up the driveway towards the farm as Amber's father kept taunting the bull trying to get it away from the girl. Not long after the truck came back down the driveway and across the pasture Amber and Jenny could see the two ranchhands that worked for her grandfather come racing towards them on horseback and Jenny looked at her cousin.

"I'm so sorry Amber. I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I just wanted to get some apples and I almost got you hurt," she said apologizing to her cousin with tears running down her cheeks just as the two cowboys showed up. While one of them chased the bull away the other went below the tree and helped the two girls down and bought them to the fence where Amber's father and their grandfather waited.

"Please don't get mad with Amber, it was my fault all because I wanted some apples. I didn't think he would bother us cause he was on the other side of the pasture," Jenny explained as she wiped the tears from her eyes when there was a loud crash as the raging bull crashed into the fence with the two ranchhands close behind. As the bull backed up for another charge two ropes went around its neck and another on his back leg as the two ranchhands subdued the bull. Later that night they sat around the table and told the story to their grandmother and Amber's mom while they had a warm slice of apple pie.


Drama off the Coast

Cod Fishing Adventure



       The sky was clear with only a couple of clouds floating by with the slight breeze as the lilacs swayed next to the path that headed down to the wharf where Harold had his old putt-putt tied up. The commercial cod fishery had begun and the bay was beginning to fill with eager fisher-people ready to put their lines in the water. This is the time of year at the beginning of the summer when all the small communities along the coasts of Newfoundland look forward too, the few weekends they can get out and catch their cod for the winter. Little Mikey and his twin sister Mary came running up behind their uncle as he reached the little boat bobbing in the water. “Do you have everything that you need kids?” Harold asked as he helped them into the putt-putt. “Yes uncle,” Mary replied. “We have a rods, bait, lunch and most importantly we have our life jackets.” The little girl continued as Mikey clambered his way up to his favorite spot at the bow of the put. Once they were settled Harold started up the small boat and they made their way out to the fishing grounds with the putt-putt echoing in the background.


       Once they made it to their destination Harold was discouraged cause there were so many boats out on the water so he decided to go to a different spot not to far away. His secret spot where there were usually a lot of fish and less people. As he rounded the point there was no one to be seen, not a single boat and this brought a smile to his face and he shut the putt-putt down. “Ok kids, get your lines ready and get them in the water, this is our spot today," he said and the kids screamed with joy. Mikey had his line in the water first and it wasn’t long before they were catching all sizes of cod fish.


       They just about had their quota for the day and Harold looked at the children, “Ok kids, one more try and we will be heading back.” Mary put her line in the water and it wasn’t long till she had a bite, but it seemed larger than the ones she caught earlier and it was pulling out all her line. “Uncle, help me,” she called out and Harold reached ahead and grabbed he pole. “What have you got there Mary? It weighs a,” he didn’t have the words out of his mouth when a huge shark jumped out of the water almost landing on the boat. Harold fell back and the line tangled around his foot as the shark began to dive again.


       Mikey was only ten years but his uncle trained him well and when he noticed the line around his uncles foot he grabbed it and wrapped it around the bow so his uncle wouldn’t be pulled over and as he put the final loop around the line became tight and the small putt-putt began moving. The shark surfaced once more and Mary seen the dorsal fin as it began circling the boat causing the boat to spin. Harold was looking everywhere trying to find his knife to cut the line so he could get up but he could not see it anywhere. That’s when the shark had enough and it began ramming the small boat and bit into the railing, almost capsizing the boat. Mikey grabbed one of the oars and started to hit the shark, trying to make it let go, but when it did it grabbed the oar and almost pulled Mikey in if it wasn’t for Mary grabbing hold to his life-jacket and pulling him back.


       Everything went quiet then. The water went calm and the wind died out and the ocean was like a mirror, not a ripple. “Where did it go? I’m scared uncle!” Mary said. “I don’t know little ones but come sit in the middle of the boat.” That’s when Harold seen his knife and he cut himself free and just as he freed himself the boat shook violently as the shark rammed into them again. “The old boat isn’t going to take to much more of this, we got to get out of here,” he said as he tried to start the motor. The little motor roared to life with a putt-putt-putt and Harold pulled up the anchor when he seen the teeth of the shark coming towards him from the depth and he jumped back as the shark came out of the water and landing with a big splash. Harold put the little boat at full speed but the shark still had the hook in it’s mouth and it was holding them back and the little engine was working as hard as it could and Harold had to turn it off before it blew up.


       The day started growing late and Harold knew that there wasn’t going to be much daylight left so he reached for his flare gun and fired a shot into the sky hoping that there were still people fishing out on the bay. That’s when the shark became more aggressive, repeatedly ramming into the boat and when Harold tried to cut the line from the bow, the shark hit and he lost his knife over the edge and fell back almost landing on Mary. Not knowing what else to do he grabbed his niece and nephew in his arms and huddled in the middle of the boat. With no anchor holding them in place the shark started to drag them out to sea and that's when Mary seen a light coming around the point. It was another boat, a bigger one but they were so small, how could they see us. Harold grabbed his flare gun once again and shot another flare into the sky. This time they seen the the flash in the sky and came rushing towards them but the shark was having nothing of it and swam faster before turning on the small boat again. It was too late, as the shark lunged at small boat a harpoon hit it in the side ending the ordeal for Harold and the kids.


       The Coast Guard pulled the small boat back to the wharf where all the family members had gathered cause they were suppose to be back long ago and were relieved when the small boat docked at the wharf. The kids ran up embraced their parents as Harold hugged his wife when the coast guard boat came to the wharf and hanging from the mast was one of the biggest sharks that they had ever seen and they were lucky they survived

The Package

       Amber was sitting at her desk in the back of the classroom staring out the window dreaming of the upcoming summer just lazing around doing nothing. “Amber, Amber! Are you paying attention or are you just day-dreaming again?” The teacher shouted at her and Amber was brought back to reality, “Yes mam I was paying attention.” she replied. “You were explaining to us about the upcoming exams and what we need to prepare for them.” The teacher glared at here and then continued on with explaining what had to be done. At the end of the day she received a text from her mother to pick up a package at a certain address and when she looked at it she didn’t know it.

       As she was leaving the school she heard someone calling out to her and she turned to see her best friend running to catch up with her. “Hey, what’s the rush?” she asked. She was petite girl, a little shorter than Amber with big green eyes and red hair. “Hi Cristy, sorry my mind was on something else. Mom wants me to pick up a package at this location but I have never been there before and it’s on the other side of town.” she explained. “Well what’s the problem then, didn’t you come to school in your car, just drive over there and pick it up and if you want, I can come along with you.” Cristy replied. “Ok then, come on”.

       This was Amber’s and Cristy’s first time on this side of town and she really didn’t know where she was going and Cristy kept on telling her where to turn on the GPS when they came up to an old building. “Are you sure this is the right address, it looks so old and run down”, Amber commented “Yup, this is the place. You want me to go up and get the package for you?” Cristy asked. “Nah, that’s ok, I think I can manage,” Amber said as she got out of her car and began the climb up the steps to the front door. When she reached the porch there was a box wrapped in brown paper with a note attached,  If your name is Amber then your mother sent you for this, take it to the address on the top and do not open it. That is all. Amber looked around but could see no one and even knocked on the door, but all she got was a hollow sound of her knocks echoing through the old house and she turned and went back to her car. “You look like you seen a ghost, what happened?” Cristy asked. Not saying a word Amber threw the box into the back seat and began driving away. “Well, you gonna tell me what happened or are you gonna make me guess?” she asked once again and Amber told her what happened and asked her what the address was on the package. “That is so weird and it looks like we are going to old man Harris’s place on the outskirts of town.” Cristy said. “Are you sure? Why would mother want me to bring a package out to old man Harris?” Amber asked. “I don’t know, that’s just where the address is.”

       Amber’s car came to a stop in front of an old farm house and she got out and went and knocked on the door and an old man came out. “Excuse me sir, I have this package wrapped in brown paper in my car and it said to bring it out here. Are you expecting anything?” she asked. “You must be Amber”, the old man said and he turned and left and when he returned he was carrying another package wrapped in brown paper with another note attached to it. “A young lady came by earlier today and said that a girl named Amber would be by today saying she had a package for me and she handed this package to me and said to give it to you and hold on to the other one as well.” he explained as he handed the package to her and said good bye and closed his door. Amber now walked back to her car even more confused and now she has two suspicious packages wrapped in brown paper.

       She got back in her car and put the package with the other one and retrieved the not that was stuck to it. You now have two packages in your position, return home to where your mother is waiting and under no circumstances, Do not open them. “Wow, that is certainly weird,” Cristy said as Amber put her car in drive and returned home. When she returned home she grabbed both packages from the back seat and walked up to her house when there was another note stuck to the gate. Come to the yard. When Amber opened the back gate, SURPRISE, Happy Birthday, everybody shouted as her mother came up to greet her. “I’m sorry about the run around my dear, I wanted to get this all set up before you came home. I know your birthday is not till tomorrow, but this is the only way I could pull this off and you picked up your own birthday gifts. That’s why it said do not open but you can tear that old brown paper off them now. The package from the old house, there’s tickets there for you so you can visit your grand parents down on the farm during the summer and you can take a friend, and the package from old man Harris’s place you will see for yourself.” her mother explained. When Amber tore off the old brown paper and opened the box, there was a halter in it and a picture of her new horse and her eyes filled with tears as she hugged her mother. “Old man Harris said we can keep the horse at his place and you can go out whenever you like and he also said he would also look after him when you’re not around. Happy Birthday sweetie”.

The Quest

      The year was 2257. It has been over 150 years now since the Great Asteroid storm that decimated the earth for more than five years. Scientist and astronomers could not figure where it came from and why it lasted for so long, but when it finally ended over half the earth population had been killed either from the asteroids or from the nuclear fallout from the destroyed power plants around the world. 

       Evangaline put her hand on the small golden half heart shaped locket that hung around her neck and thought back to the day she found it in an abandoned little house on the outskirts of the great marsh. She had taken refuge there when a sudden mud storm came up and that's when she found the locket around the neck of a small skeleton clinging to her mother. As she opened the clasp a small data-chip fell into her hand and a small portrait inside it of a little girl. Eva noticed that the locket was only half a heart and there was another half to it and then she looked at the data-chip. She reached into the small leather bag that hung from her side and brought for a small data reader and inserted the chip into it. The little data reader came to life when she inserted the chip and after some small beeps a small holographic image appeared which looked like a map of the old city which lay in the forbidden desert. Then a series of numbers and letters appeared which looked like coordinates and then a note: Go to the following co-ordinates and you shall find the answer to which all seek. Then the data-reader went silent except for the co-ordinates to where to go to. That was three weeks ago and now Eva had managed to gather all the supplies she needed for her trip, then she looked at the map one more time and hopped onto her wind speeder. 

       Combustion engines had become a thing of the past and now they rely more on the wind and solar power. There was a strong breeze today and when she released the brake the speeder jumped to life as the wind filled the sails and the speeder started to travel across the dunes of the forbidden desert towards the old city. Eva figured she should get there in a couple days if the wind kept up and she kept her batteries fully charged. There wasn't very many people around this area and most people kept close to one of the four capital cities around the shattered earth. 

       There were two cities in the north around the Arctic circle and two more in the south around the south pole in the Antarctic cause they were the only habitable areas on the planet after the asteroid storm. Scientist figured that the magnetic poles forced the asteroids to remain in a belt around the center of the earth which forced everyone north or south and the ones that survived began building these cities. 

       The great marsh that bordered the forbidden desert was formed when the radiation from the destroyed power plants caused a greenhouse effect which then cause the violent storms of rain and acid rain which lasted for a couple years and then returns to the marshlands every couple years. 

       Eva was an artifact hunter and visited many ruined cities and the marshlands were by far the worst part of her journey so far. After she entered the coordinates into the navigation computer on her scooter she laid back and touched the golden heart around her neck and thought to herself, Where are you taking me, what is your secret and why did you choose me?. There must have been many other relic hunters or travelers that have been through that very building, but they never found it or seen it. How could that be? Why did you choose me? The forbidden desert got its name from all the creatures or mutants that roam these forsaken lands from the fallout and everyone is warned to stay away after a couple of travelers went to explore the forbidden desert and never returned. 

       Eva was awakened by the nav computer when it started to beep as they closed in on the coordinates that was on the data-chip and Eva touched the locket that was around here neck as if to make certain that this was real and not a dream. “Where have you led me too?” she whispered to herself when she seen some movement out of the corner of her eye and she quickly grabbed hear spear and turned around. Dawn was quickly approaching as the sky lit up crimson red as the sun peaked above the horizon and lit up the haze that covered the desert. Shadows were appearing all around and Eva could not see what was tracking her, She slowly climbed down from her speeder and looked around when a sound from behind her my her drop down and roll away and as she looked up a little girl was standing above her. Eva slowly got to her knees and noticed the other half of the locket around the child's neck and as she reached for the locket the little girl turned and ran towards one of the destroyed buildings and vanished inside. Eva slowly got up to her feet and scratched her head wondering what that was all about or if she was just hallucinating. She then gathered her gear and hid her speeder in one of the buildings and then went the way the little girl had ran. She can't be real can she? I haven't seen another person for months, then out of nowhere this little girl shows up in this forsaken place. She can't be real! Eva said to herself. 

       When she got to the place where the little girl vanished she noticed a small opening in the floor and with the tip of her spear she managed to pry the cover up big enough for her to see inside and she noticed another corridor, then she fell back on her behind. I'm chasing a damn hallucination, am I going nuts? She mumbled to herself as she sat next to the opening. Eva managed to get the cover up enough to squeeze through and then lit a small torch she had and then slowly made her way down the corridor which ended up in an enormous room with many ancient computers and equipment. She hit the jackpot, this stuff is worth a fortune she thought but that is not why I am here and she continued to look around for the little girl and noticed a light coming from a near by room and went over to investigate it. A small crack in the ceiling was letting the sunlight creep through and on the ground where it was shining there was a small glimmer. Eva slowly went over where the glimmer was and brushed away the sand revealing a small skeleton with a locket around her neck. She carefully reached down and unclasped the chain and remove the locket trying not to disturb the little girls remains. 

       Eva then left the small room as the small ray of light vanished and sat in one of the old chairs and looked at the locket she just recovered, then looked around the vast room with all the equipment. What was this place? She asked herself as she reached up and removed the locket from around her neck and opened it and was shocked at what she had seen. The little girl that she was following, that led her here was the same one as the portrait in the locket, but who was she? Eva then examined the other locket and noticed that it didn't open and then she put both pieces together and a small light appeared as the pieces seem to meld together and in the far corner of the room one of the old computers came to life. Eva didn't know what to think of this, how is this possible? These machine haven't been working for hundreds of years and now, this. Eva walked over to the computer and in front of it was a small heart shaped indent and a message on the screen, If you want to change the world place the heart in the indentation.

Molly and the Cake

Who's kitchen is this


Flour was floating in the air as it slowly drifted to the counter as Molly ran around frantically accidently hitting the flour bag and sending it flying while she tried to locate the supplies she needed for her baking. "Why do I even bother", she said to herself as she slipped on the flour on the floor. Both legs came flying out from underneath her and she landed hard on her back and hit her head on the floor knocking her out. Rick came flying through the double doors and noticed Molly lying on the floor, "Call 911, and hurry', he said as he knelt down beside her.

Molly woke woke up to the smell of fresh bread bread just being removed from the oven and when she opened her eyes she was in this enormous kitchen, "Hey you there, are you sleeping on the job again. The master better not find out or you will be punished", a voice said. Molly looked around but couldn't see anyone, "Who said that? Where are you?" she asked looking around. "I'm over here you silly girl", she said and when Molly looked around the corner of the counter she seen a little old lady working away at her next task. Molly walked up to her and she must of only been about four feet tall, stubby little arm and legs and very gruff looking. "Where am I and who are you?" she asked as the little old woman turned to look at her with a puzzled look.

"You're not Druzel! Where is she?" she said and Molly just looked at her even more confused. "No, my name is Molly and I don't know where I am. The last thing I remember was trying to find the ingredients for a customers cake that I was about to make and I slipped and wake up here," she said as tears began to form in the corners of her eyes as she plopped down in a chair next to her. The little old lady came over to her a placed her stubby little hand on her shoulder, "Don't cry my child. My name is Margel and I'm a dwarf."

"A dwarf!" Molly said as she turned to look at her. "Yes my child and I fear that you are not in your world anymore. Unfortunately you arrived in the master trolls home and he don't take to kindly to strangers, especially human ones." Margel said and the look on Molly's face changed from the one of wonder to one of fear. "What am I suppose to do? I don't know my way around here and I don't even know where I'm at." she said as she began to look around. "Do not worry to much my child, the master doesn't come into the kitchen unless we are late for his meal so you should be all right here till we can figure something out. But until then you can help me out around here," Margel said and this brought some relief to Molly as a small smile appeared.

"What would you like me to do?" Molly asked. "The master likes chocolate cake for dessert, would you be able to do that?" Margel asked. "Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. That is after all what I was doing when I hit my head. You just got to tell me where all the ingredients are." Margel replied and soon the kitchen was filled with marvelous aromas as the two women worked away. Molly was putting the final touches on the cake when Margel came over and handed her some powder. "Here my child, mix this powder into the batter, there's no taste on it and it should put him to sleep for a couple hours so you should be able to get out of here," she said. "But I don't know where to go. I do not know even where I am, let alone try to escape into a world that I have never seen before. Can you go with me?" Molly asked. The little old lady then took Molly by the hand and look up at her, "but of course I will go with you child, many a year I have been here and to see my family one more time is all I ask," she said. Molly looked at her with a big smile and embraced her in a hug.

Once the cake finished baking, Molly had just finished with the decorations when the servant came running in saying the master was demanding his dessert and he wanted his chocolate cake. Margel handed the cake to him and he took off as fast as he came, heading back to the dining room with his prize. "We just got to wait for a little while for the sleeping powder to kick in and then we will make our run for it," she said.

After a little while had passed Margel was going to check on the master when Druzel came into the kitchen. "That is the weirdest thing, I went to explain to the master why I was late and he was fast asleep with his face in his chocolate cake. It was so funny," she said. "Where have you been my child? You were suppose to be here hours ago. Never mind, were leaving now and never coming back," she said as she grabbed her daughter by the arm and Molly followed behind them. "Who are you?" Druzel asked when she noticed Molly. "Never mind that now," Margel said. "I'll tell you all about it once we get out of here. As they walked by the dining hall Molly could see the troll as he slumbered away in his chocolate cake and she giggled to herself.

After they were a good distance from the trolls castle Margel stopped and explained everything to Druzel and she turned to look at Molly. "Thank you for getting us out of there, if you never showed up we would of never thought about putting the sleeping powder in the cake". "It was nothing, I don't even know how I got here," Molly replied as let out a yawn and sat next to a tree. "I'm feeling very tired all of a sudden, you go on ahead and I'll catch up with you," she said as her eyes slowly closed.

When Molly opened her eyes again she was surrounded by strange machines and realized she was lying in a hospital bed. "Where am I, where is Margel and Druzel?" she asked and the nurse looked at her with a strange look. "You have been in a coma for the past week, I just came in to check your vitals, I will let the doctor know that you are awake


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