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Just a Rant

Hey all, this is my rant for this week. The year is 2022, gas prices are at a record high as the cost of living ever increases, and soon there will be more people and families forced into the street while the politicians and business owners are laughing. We are trillions of dollars in debt and just going further and where is it going too? Not to us, but to other countries while our veterans are living on the streets and our seniors and disabled who are barely making ends meet. The immigrants coming into our country are getting twice as much, if not more, than our seniors, that is an outrage and disrespectful to the people who built this country. Not you almighty politicians, only in it for the money and pension, not for the people who elected you. No! It was built by the hardworking middle class, the ones that everyone forgets. We don’t get the credit for it, the business owners and politicians do. The point that I’m trying to make is that we need a new party, one that would fight for the middle class, but who would we get, all these politicians are wealthier than we are and can afford to campaign and show off, while we might not have the money, we have the internet as our weapon of choice. The word through the web and we would be the first to campaign solely on the internet through various social media.

I don’t mean to sound disrespectful to the politicians running our country now, only a couple of you are thinking about your people and I commend you for that while the rest of our country is falling into another recession. The cost of living is getting out of control and something has to be done about it or there will be nothing for our children in the future. We need a party that will fight for the middle class and is there for them. Like, really. How did we elect a theatre arts teacher as prime minister and then do nothing but screw us over by taking our good country and turning it into a laughingstock? We need a party for the people who really need the help, not to be elected for the money but for the rights of the middle class and the recognition they deserve.

I’m not a politician, but a middle-class person like everyone else, and if I offended anyone by it, then so be it. These are my thoughts on the situation today in our country. It has been said.


Experienced or Not

Today's dilemma in job hunting

Applying for a job or position at some business can be very frustrating for a person new into the field or someone just finishing high school or college. One of the first things that you see is, “How much experience do you have?” or you must have a certain number of years of experience. No wonder there are so many companies still looking for employees, they want the perfect one, someone that will jump right in and know exactly what to do and don’t need to be told. Hello, not everyone is trained or has the experience but they are willing to learn. Companies do not want to train or give anyone a chance, they want you to come in, do the job right and go home.

I recently became one of those people looking for work due to unforeseen circumstances and was forced into early retirement. I’m only fifty-one and too young to retire so I looked into working from home at something that I am truly passionate about, writing. I looked into some freelance writing gigs and other work, set up my own website and cv, then looked into getting some work, and every time I look at a job posting they want at least a year or more experience. How are you suppose to get experience if no one will give you a chance, really? If they are willing to give someone a chance, they might just find that diamond in the ruff or maybe just a dud. Give them that chance, you may be surprised and if they don’t work out let them know and that person will be grateful just because you took the time and gave them that chance.

Throughout the world, there are many experts in different fields for different kinds of work. With the economy constantly growing they can not keep up with the training for these positions or find the experts or people with enough experience. This is where the employer must make some changes and sacrifices for the company to grow and become successful, take the chance and hire an applicant who doesn’t have the experience and give them a chance. If more companies did this and had a probation period they would find the employees that they are looking for instead of that one perfect employee. In that stack of resumes that are before you could be that perfect employee, but because they have no experience you will never know. There are times that when you hire someone with no experience and a week later you hire someone that has the experience, the person with no experience will probably know more than the experienced because he was more eager to learn these new skills and put them to use showing that he is able to do the job. Whereas the employee that you hired with the experience will take longer to do the job cause he was not shown how to do it cause he was supposed to know but didn’t cause he had a different kind of experience.

Experience. What do they mean when they say do you have experience? What kind of experience? When they ask for experience, do they mean the kind of experience from a job or something that you are good at but never ever worked at it. There are many people out there that have special skills. They never trained or went the school, they can just do it and do it well. These are the kinds of people companies are missing out on cause they want to experience yet the perfect person for the position you just threw into the reject pile because he or she didn’t have any experience. As I mentioned earlier, set up a probation period. This is a set amount of time for when a company hires a new employee, experienced or not they have to go through this trial period and at the end, if you meet the requirements, you would probably be hired by the company or not if you didn’t meet them. This is what employment agencies do when they find work for people. They might not have the experience but they are taken on as a temporary employee for a certain time, and in that time, if you do not meet the requirements the company can let you go with no reason at all.


Why does it exist in todays world

Racism, what is racism and why does it exist today. No matter the race, color, or the religion or where you're from your blood is still the same red as any other person. Racism is defined as the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. No one is born racist! Look around and we notice all the children playing happily together, African American, Asian and Caucasian running around laughing without a care. So, why can't the rest of the world and society get along? In a child's eyes we are all the same and it couldn't be said any better than at the end of the movie Volcano(1997), an African American police office is holding a Caucasian boy and they are both covered in soot and he asked the little boy what his mother looked like and the child said, "look at their faces they all look the same",

How does one become racist you say if they are not born with it. Plain and simple the are taught that is the way it's suppose to be or they are manipulated or brainwashed by the world media or religious leaders. A big part of the problem is the different religious beliefs and what they are taught to believe and that no one is better than what they are. We don't get to choose who we want to be, it is taught to us at a young age but as we get older it is up to us which way we want to follow.

When did racism actually become an issue in our society? Some experts believe that it actually started in the 16th century when the slave trade started when the white aristocrats enslaved the African Americans to do their work for them cause of the demand for natural materials at the time. Myself, I think racism started back when the great pyramids of Egypt were constructed when the pharaoh's would enslave the Jews to do all the work. This would be based on religious racism to the extreme when they would force entire village to do their work. Also the Romans tried to push their beliefs onto other cultures and races, wouldn't this be a form of racism as well. So, really we don't know when racism actually started, for all I know it could of started at the beginning of human kind.

Do you think that we will really be able to get rid of racism? I would like to think so, but it will always be part our society as long as there is prejudice and discrimination against others, there will always be racism. Religious leaders are pushing even harder these days and the on going wars around the globe. The only way to end racism is from a clean slate and one day it will happen, may not now or in the near future but the time will come. So the next time you see someone that is different, don't shun them, say hello. You don't know how a small word or gesture can brightens some ones day.


Family and Friends

When a helping hand is all that's needed

I don't know if I would call this a story. It's about a person that I know that has been through a great ordeal in the past while and in the recovery process is finding out who the true friends and family really are. They are know as the black sheep of the family, shunned by others for who they are or are not, they are there to help when needed but when they are in need of help they are no where to be seen.

​It is sad to see these days how everyone is judged by not who they are but by the material things that they have or where you stand in the social circle. They look at you from upon the pedestals they have placed themselves thinking they are better cause they have more and because you are not equal you are not worth their time. They are not better. What you have is not what you are. You should sit down and think about it for a few minutes in your so called busy and great life, is this who you are, who you want to become. Family should be there for family. You should not judge each other for who they are or what they become. You are blood, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins. But no, all you are concerned about is yourself and what can you get out of it.

What can you get out it? That is the biggest question these days. Someone looks at another person and asks them if they could help or give them a hand and the first thing that pops into there head is, What can I get out of this or what's in it for me? They should just feel the gratification of helping out, or the smile that comes across the other persons face as they say thank you. So the next time someone asks for a helping hand you should just smile and answer them and not think about what your going to get out of it.

People are not put in the situations they are in on purpose, they never asked for it and are ashamed to ask for help or to show that they are vulnerable. They try to do it on their own and fall further into disrepair and when they do come up with the courage to ask for help they are shunned upon because of who they are and what they have or don't have. That is the problem with our society these days. We are judged before they even get to know you. What you look like, where you work or live. Some people only judge by what you have or don't have instead of just saying hi and how you doing?

What do we do about this? The next time you see someone struggling, take the time to say hi, you wouldn't believe how a simple gesture can improve some persons day. If someone comes up to you and asks for a hand, don't judge them by their appearance and if you are able, ask them what they need a hand with and if you are unable, politely refuse instead of saying something rude or just walking away. These little gestures can improve a persons day even if you could not help, at least you were polite and possibly made a new friend.


What is time? Days go by as time lingers on, Time stops for no one and has never stopped,
 From the day our world was first created, Till the day we take our last breath and leave this place,
 Not once did time stop, so the time we have now is precious,
 There is no time for hatred, but there is, There is plenty of time for love, but do we really know how,
 They say take one day at a time, but don't take one day but every second, 
When we come into this world we are here for as long as time allows it, 
When it is your time to go, you will go and time will just carry on, 
So, sit back, relax and enjoy the time that you have, 
Forget about the problems in the world and think of the time you have.

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