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Introducing my first book AshFyr The Crimson moon Chronicles

DarkWood, The adventures of Bobby and Jade introduces you to the new land of DarkWood discovered by our two young siblings. Find out what kind of adventures they come across as they discover new places and new friends.

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Also introducing the next three books in the series below with the fifth one coming out in the next couple month also available at Amazon.


Return of the Ash Dragon

 I would like to give you part of first chapter from my next book in the AshFyr series that I am writing. I will be continuing it once I finish editing the next edition. I hope you enjoy it and you can get the series on Amazon Kindle.


Birds were singing and the meadows were sparkling with the morning dew as the sun crested from behind the Spire mountains. Crimson moon valley had been peaceful for the last five years since Garen and Jade first came to the valley. They have settled in at Casle Luna and the land around them have flourished with the new trade routes around the valley as all the races have gotten along peacefully, when a lone figure appeared in the distance and a loud, terrifying roar could be heard. 

Garen, along with Shaena, Ember, Kari, and his mother were all sitting on the balcony having breakfast when a knock came on their door. Kathena got up to answer it, but before she reached the door it came flying opened and a young servant came barging in, “What is the meaning of all this?” she said. “I am terribly sorry my lady, there is a visitor at the door that demands to be seen immediately,” the young housekeeper said and before Kathena could answer she hurried out the door. “What was that all about mother?” Kari asked. “I do not know, but I think we have a visitor that demands to see us right away,” she said as she sat in her chair. “I will go see what is so important and then I will return,” Garen said. “Now, finish your breakfast and I will return shortly,” he finished as he turned and went through the door. 

A tall figure, draped in a hood and cloak was standing in the foyer when Garen came down the stairs, and as he rounded the corner the figure lowered his hood. “Cyrlan my old friend, how have you been?” he said extending his hand to his old friend. As he approached, he could see a great sadness in his eyes, and he looked tired and beaten, when he fell to his knees. “Go, get a healer, now!” he shouted at the guard standing at the door when he rushed to Cyrlan’s side. Cyrlan looked at Garen and tried to say something, but nothing came as he closed his eyes once more when the healer arrived. “Can he be saved?” he asked the healer. “He is dehydrated and very tired. I do not know what happened, but he has been through a great ordeal and requires a lot of rest,” she said as a couple of servants helped take him to the infirmary. Garen immediately called out for one of the runners and told him to send word to Queen Arinna and Varanel, but first stop in the dwarf city and speak to Krogric. He told him to let them know that he would be coming to visit them as soon as Cyrlan was awake and could speak. Just as the runner left, lady Kathena came to the foyer and when she found out what was happening, she rushed to see if she could help the elf that came from so far. 

Over the next few days, they kept close watch on Cylan, with no news from the North, they had no idea what was happening when Cylan opened his eyes and gasped. “Quickly, bring him a glass of water,” Kathena said, as she embraced him in a hug. “We thought we lost you,” she said as Garen and Shaena came into the room. They went over to his bedside when Garen looked at him, “You sure you’re not part cat,” he said with a chuckle. “You escaped death once again my friend, I am glad that you are back with us. Can you tell us what happened?” he asked. Cyrlan looked at the other as he tried to sit up. “It was a dragon,” he managed to say as the others looked at each other. “A dragon! Are you sure?” Kathena asked. “Yes. I was on my way to tell you about what was going on in the north, when,” stopping he wiped the tears from his eyes, “he attacked me from behind, knocking my Pegasus from the sky, then he killed him. I got tangled in the branches of the trees and he could not find me, so I stayed there for a long time till I knew he was gone and then I found my way here.” was all he could say before burying his face in Kathena’s  shoulder. Everyone just looked at each other, having a tough time believing what they had just heard when Garen looked at his mother. “You don’t think that it is the same dragon that killed my father, do you?” She just looked at him and then she lifted Cyrlan’s head, “What did this dragon look like?” she asked when he looked at her with bloodshot eyes, “It was one of the biggest creatures that I had ever seen. It had spikes from the top of his head, down to his tail and eyes as red as hell itself,” he described to them, and Kathen knew that the Ash dragon had returned to the valley. 


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Valley of the Moon 

Trouble on J moon X2 

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. This is one of the first things they tell you as you exit the spaceport and step into the airlock, not looking behind as you clasp your helmet to your suit. A tap on your shoulder gets your attention as you turn and see your companion waving at you and pointing to the side of her helmet, and that is when you realize you did not have your communications enabled yet and you flick the switch. “Well, it’s about time, I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes,” click, as you reach up and turn your radio off again not wanting to hear her at the time. You walk ahead towards the airlock door and approach the control panel, flicking on your radio again. “Agent 327 and agent 326 have arrived at the airlock and are preparing to exit the facility,” you say as you wait for a reply, listening to the static. “Agent 327 and agent 326 proceed with your operation and good luck,” was the last thing you heard when you turned and looked at agent 326. A slow hissing sound could be heard as the airlock began to release as agent 327 entered the commands into the control panel and the door released as a swirl of dust came into the chamber. Looking at each other, they gathered their equipment and began to load the rover for their trip through the valley to the other side where they were trying to establish a colony on the edge of the great forest. Since the discovery of an ecosystem on one of Jupiter’s moons over five hundred years ago, more people have been arriving to try and start a new life on the small one. There had been colonies starting up all around the valley, but most of them failed because they did not know the ecosystem and how to filter the water properly causing the settlers to die. This did not discourage them to stop coming and agents 326 and 327 were part of a special agency that was on J-moon X2 to keep everyone safe, but as the colonies grew the demand for cleaner water grew, and so did the corrupt organizations trying to control these very assets. 

As they finished loading the rover different sounds could be heard all around, for they knew nothing of the wildlife in this forest and only tales they heard from some of the colonists. They then jumped into their seats as the hum of the electric motor came to life and they began their twenty-kilometers journey through the valley. Their journey brought them to a clearing where a herd of hordu, (they are like the horses on earth but are twice as big and have six legs and two tails), were grazing, and some of the colonists even tamed some of them to help with the farming and work, jumped and ran off when they saw the rover coming their way as the two agents made their way across the clearing. Gazing into the sky you could see the clouds of Jupiter as they swirled out of control by the constant storms below and how the lightning danced across the clouds always just out of reach of the frail moon as each night there is a different light show, so scary, yet so beautiful as you stop the rover to take in the light show. As quickly as it started it stopped as the giant planet slowly drifted further away, the two agents continued their way. For a moon with its own ecosystem, the oxygen was very toxic from the vegetation and helmets had to be constantly worn while you were outside the facilities. One of the colonists did not believe what we were saying after he saw all the vegetation and tried to tell everyone it was a hoax, so he put a helmet on and when he left the airlock, removed his helmet, and within seconds he was dead as his head imploded. They keep reminding the colonist by showing the video at least once a day for the new arrivals. 

Agent 326 and Agent 327 continued their path across the clearing when there was a large explosion coming from the new colony they were heading for, the rover was going as fast as it could so agent 327 jumped off the speeder and began running. Because of the low gravity, he moved much faster than the rover as he bounded over the terrain. “I’ll meet you there,” he said as he vanished out of sight over the ridge. Agent 326 slowly made her way along and once she topped the ridge; she could see what the explosion was. Someone had sabotaged the environmental stabilizer and there was a tower of smoke and some flame seen coming from it. Agent 326 looked around through her bio-focals to see if she could see agent 327 and noticed him coming up on the destroyed tower from the east, while there was a different group that she did not know who they were coming from the west. She tried to reach her partner, but all she could hear was static, someone was jamming their communications so she hid the rover in a crevasse and covered it with vegetation, then ran as fast as she could to get to the other agent. Sliding down over the embankment she could see the other group closing in on her partner and there was nothing she could do as she watched the saboteurs bound her partner and drag him off towards some kind of vehicle, then headed east back to the colony as agent 326 sat there helplessly, not knowing what to do.