A collection of poems that I have written over the past years.

New Poetry

Days Gone By

Days have come and days have gone,

Things have changed since we were young,

Advanced technology and more things to do,

Where have the days gone for me and you,

We use to hang out and get together,

Go out and have fun in all kinds of weather,

Now all they do is stay at home,

Chatting on the computer or sending texts on their smart phone,

Remember when we got together for a game of ball,

Or hanging out at the arcade at the corner mall,

Now they sit at home and play games online,

Having a game of ball to then today seems like a waste of time,

There was a time when you sat down at your desk and wrote a letter at your house,

Now with today's technology all you do is type it and click on a mouse,

The days of old are slowly fading away and I can bet,

The youth of today may but we will never forget,



The Accident


Walking down the path not a sound they make,

But they talk about many thing but without a whisper,

For they use their hands cause one of them is deaf,

But they talk and laugh away in a special way of their own,

 She lost her hearing about five years ago,

An accident cause her deafness one cold December day,

Like many kids she love to slide and play in the snow,

But on this day her life would change in a drastic way,

 She was sliding with her friends near a country road,

When she took her turn the speed was to fast and she lost control,

She ended up on the road where she crashed and where she was found,

She hit her head and was taken to the hospital where she woke up and couldn't hear a sound,

 Over the next few months she learned how to talk with her hands,

She got frustrated when she couldn't do it but she never gave up cause she knew she can,

Now she teaches other kids and adults in the hospital before and after they go home,

Accidents happen all the time, so play and work safe and please listen to this poem,


He wakes in the morning to see the rain coming down,

Slowly he gets up to get ready for another long night on the town,

For this day is different cause the house is quiet and he is alone,

Cause a couple days ago she left with the kids and went home,

 He sits at the table with a warm coffee in his hand,

Staring out the window as a sheet of rain covers the land,

Thinking about her and praying that her and the kids are alright,

As he opens the door and steps out in the cold dark night,

 The truck is cold as the steam from his breath fills the air,

Then he looks into the cold dark night and at the darkness begins to stare,

For in the distance a lone star shines through the dark night sky,

Then he thinks back to the warm summers night watching stars with his family by his side,

 As the night carries on he gets his routes done,

He's cold and wet and is finally on his last run,

The night is finally over and he get ready to go home,

The drive home is short and he parks in the drive where he is once again alone,

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Thinking of Home


Thinking of home he sits at the table and looks around,

Not a person to be seen and not a single sound,

Everything looks the same but not like before,

Cause his family is back home where the waves hit the shore,

 He's been away at work for a long time now,

There's no work back home and he has to support his family some how,

So he remembers when he left them with tears in their eyes,

As he kissed and hugged them and said their good byes,

 The kettle begins to whistle and he reaches for his mug,

He pours the water as he remembers the warm feeling of his daughters hug,

Every morning when he left she would be waiting with out stretched arms his way,

He would then pick her up with a kiss and a hug before the start of every day,

 He turns placing his mug on the table and sitting in his chair,

Looking back out the window in his eye forms a single tear,

Remembering the times, good and bad he spent with his wife and kids,

And quiet nights on the porch with her while the kids slept in their beds,

 Gazing out the window he notices the reflection of the clock on the wall,

He finishes his coffee and out the door to another work days call,

It will not be long now before he's on a plane and on his way,

To be home with his family and hopefully this time to stay,